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Originally Posted by Treewizard648 View Post
What in the name of Rogal Dorn are you talking about? Orks have crap characteristics when it comes to CC. Unless there are special rules in the codex I have not seen. Other than that the average Ork initiative is only "2" and the average LD is "7". I could imagine with characteristics like those, you could send them running home to momma easily when pitted against units such as BT Intitiates and Neophytes or BT CC Termies.
Because a tac squad has no earthly chance to survive thirty orks. Or two nobs on bikes.(Not to mention a five man squad with boss, or even ten)

The initiative is how they playbalanced a SIX POINT unit. Orks are AMAZING in CC, possibly the best in the game with a thirty-wound powerklaw that strikes three times in combat(Stupid imo)
They're leadership(Fearless) until you get them down to ten orks(very rare to do this to all squads).

Templar have no problem because we kill so many of the poor bastards at I4, a regular space marine just gets trounced.

I keep forgetting how hilarious my old posts are.

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