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Default My new chapter, Hand of Orar

This is the Official history behind the forming of the Hand of Orar.

After the Battle of Sepulchre, there was little left but for destruction and Heroes. One such hero was Sergeant Mardonius Alvaan. Sergeant Alvaan had fought along side Lord Maccrage, Marneus Calgar for many years and was under Captain Galenus of the 5th Company of Ultramarines. The only reason Alvaan was not yet Captain was because Galenus was alive.
On that day Alvaan and his squad were responsible for hundreds upon hundreds of slain Eldar vermin. Sergeant Alvaan was the reason none of his squad died. Between his Witty, well educated instruction and his eagle-eye shot, he saved his men on numerous occasions. Even as he was engaged in hand to hand himself, if a blade was raised against one of his brethren, Alvaan deftly placed a bolt between the eyes of the foe.
So pleased was Lord Macrage, Marneus Calgar with Sergeant Alvaan's bravery, skill and command that he put him in charge of a chapter of his own. Alvaan aptly named his chapter Sons of Orar, For without Orar being a great and feared warrior of the Ultramarines then Alvaan would not have been there to defend his tomb that day.
For his efforts throughout his life he was gifted with a greatly powerful and glorius Thunderhammer called "Judgement". This hammer was wielded by Orar until the day he fell. Along with a magnificent storm shield and the revered Terminator armor, Chapter Master of the Hand of Orar was born!

His Mission and Captain are revealed:
Alavaan and his then 2 squads of Marines were then charged with claiming the planet of Kraknor from the hording Orks that inhabited the planet. In the years that followed , Alvaan chose his Captain. A lengthy process to be without a Captain indeed but for god reason. Alvaan's army, now bolstered by reinforcements from Calgar himself, there was tough competition, though one Sergeant shone through brightly indeed, Sergeant Revor Gorsal. Gorsal had been in charge of his squad of Marines for many years under Calgar. In their short period on Kraknor, Gorsal was responsible for more than half of his squads skills, not through the incapability of his troops but his desire and pleasure of slaying the enemies of the late Emperor.
Fittingly so, Alvaan bestowed Revor Gorsal with the title of Captain. Along with Gorsals beloved Storm Bolter, now greatly detailed by gold, he was given the ever feared Lightning Claw. To this day Gorsal fights with that same desire and pleasure he always has. If you watch him closely, you can see him grinning widely as his Claws shred through the armour, flesh and bone of his enemies. Gorsal was given charge of Alvaan's finest and thus the 2nd Company of the Hand of Orar was born.

PLEASE let me no what you think. Any clashes? let me know! Thanks!

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