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Greetings From The Land Of Oz (kansas)

I have been out of the loop for a year (due to being deployed). i have been trying to keep up with the updates with GW (i.e. 5 th ed rulebook, new SM codex, etc). right now i feel like a newbie because of these new rules, however two puzzle the hell out of me:

1. barrage(mortars, artillery, OB): it works pretty much the same as before if you are shooting, but when recieveing indirect fire where in the bloody rulebook does it say the you do not get cover saves? i was in a bunker and my opponent shot his OB and he told me that i do not get cover saves? WTF?

2. disembarking: do you still get to disembark out of any vehicle that is open topped, and land raiders only or is it any vehicle now?

any advice is appreciated. one great thing being about learning these new rules, i am back home and not overseas in the sandbox.
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