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Default Greenstuff: Capes

Fabric 2.2 – Capes and Cloaks
Right guys, couple of things u want to consider before u start ur cloak is
Style: will it be a super hero cape, or will it be a wrap around cloak, or an off the shoulder cloak?
Length and Width: you need to think about roughly how big it is goin to be so u can mix enough GS

Tool Prep

1). Plasticard
2). Greenstuff
3). Sharp Knife
4). Drill bit
5). Sculpting tool

Specialised Tools

Clay shapers are useful because of their silicon points. The silicon doesn’t stick to the GS which means u can use them to push, shape and smooth Gs. I use them to decrease the time it takes me to do things, they are useful but they are NOT essential, iv only been using them for a couple of months.
1). Mix some Gs 50/50 and leave to cure for around 20-25 mins
2). Spread the Gs out into a rough rectangle, and then cut it to a rectangle, roughly the width and length u want

3). Cut a triangle into the top, leaving equal sized strips either side, make sure these strips are fairly wide

4). Push about 4 lines into the bottom half of the cloak then leave the Gs to cure for around 15 mins, long enough for it to have cured enough so u can lift it off the plasticard without loosing its shape

5). Pinch each strip and gently pull the strip forward, these strip are goin to go over the shoulders of ur mini. Make sure their equal length

6). Now place the strip over the shoulders and down the side of the arm on to the chest

7). With a wet tool gently push down on the Gs strips so they are firmly on the chest/shoulder. Also push the Gs on both sides so it comes a raised point along the strip will about the shoulder

8 ). Now push a line down the middle of the strip, so it travel over the shoulder

9). Using these lines as a guide push a wet tool up and underneath the Gs in the middle. U want to raise it slightly, u also want a crease underneath it, straighten this rounded strip of Gs up on both sides so its even. Your goin to use this strip as platform for a hood or collar

10). Start to put more lines into the side strips, curving them over the shoulder, these represent the natural creases in the cloak

11). Now its time to go back to the creases we made at the start, using the method u learnt for the loincloth, start push the Gs forward an backward at alternate creases, spend a little time on this till u get nice folds

12). Using wotever u like, prop the Gs into position so u can get the waviness u want

The Hood

13). Cut a wide recentagle piece of Gs out, make sure its roughly the same width as the combined length of the 2 sides and top of the head.

14). Fold the hood over and tuck in the two corners under his head, the Gs should stretch easily if u need to make it wider

15). Slowly, with the edge of ur tool, push the Gs in around the head, go all the way around, then go back and with a knife remove the excess, don’t worry if it looks a little messy, u goin to add more Gs later and work some folds into the hood

16). Stretch the top of the hood up, and then shape it back down. Continue this until u have the depth u want to the hood, u may also want to wet ur finger tip and pull the front of the hood to a slight point.

17). U may want to leave the Gs to cure at this stage, if u feel confident mix some more Gs up (40/60) and apply it straight to the area behind the head, using a wet tool push it into the hood so its nice and smooth, then use the edge of ur tool and push some curved lines into it so they look like folds.

And their u have ur basic cloak, ill prob look at writing an alternative slightly more complicated method, if my patients last :-P

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