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Default The Great Army List Challenge!

Here's the Challenge:

For every participant I want you to make two army lists for your favorite army. 2000 POINTS.

One list is to be the best, hardest, most effective killer competitive list you can make. Beardy, cheesy, min-maxed...whatever. This is the list you would take to a GT. This is your KILLER LIST.

The other list is to be a fun, fluffy, friendly list engineered so you AND your opponant have fun. This is a list you would play with an occasional player, or a newbie. This is your FLUFFY LIST.

Two versions of the same army!

Then explain why and how the army is KILLER or FLUFFY and why you would play either of them.

The goal here is to see the differnces between what people consider KILLER and FLUFFY and why.

Post your responses with the prefix [CHALLENGE] so they can be easily found and looked out, and kept separate from general lists posts.
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