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Default The Sons Of Odin, Warriors Of Chaos

i was listning to some ManoWar, and a idea popped into my head, ill make a fantasy army for a few of these songs

Heres the playlist

the songs fit really well the the Warriors of chaos background so much
anyway, i have so far, 12 warriors, 5 knights, and now, my ultraforge wardaemon, wich i can use for a daemon prince or a bloodthirster/Ann'grath the unbound in other games.

i plan to get: -

a lord of nurgle, on a steed to be my sorcerer
A khorne lord on a juggernaught
5 more knights
5 marauderer horsemen
10 hounds of chaos
1 gaint
20 maruaderers

ill be posting pics of my ultra forge daemon soon, ive only just got all the parts cleaned up

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