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Originally Posted by Son of mortarion View Post
not if you want it to look good. My buddy and i figured out the cost of scratch building one, and it is prohibitive, since it needs to be reinforced on the inside to prevent it from collapsing under its own weight. if it costs the same as the baneblade, you won't be able to scratchbuild one for less.
I don't know what you use to scratch build stuff but if scratching something like a stoma costs you more than a Baneblade I think it is fair to say you are doing it wrong. I can buy a box of plasticard as big as a microwave for less than a Baneblade and that would probably weigh more than a full army. @[email protected]

I guess it would depends on how you go about it. If you are thinking using parts from other kits it would be expensive but that is kit bashing where as I'm thinking I'd use something else as a base like maybe a sour creme container or something else I could randomly find around the hosue which costs me next to nothing then a pile of plasticard and some other random parts and it just need a couple orky guns to be done.
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