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Huge difference Wraith! I can't seem to get that using the online editor. Hopefully someone will be able to help 'point' me in the right direction for a program. Right now I have the Adobe 3.0 basic which will not do this and the Kodak Easy Share which is also very limited.

Still waiting for the full army shot.

Thanks for the interest..., but I'm still not done the army. I completed the last gun servitor last night and only have the Inquisitor Lord left to finish off that squad. After that, I still have a 10 man tactical squad and a rhino left. (Maybe a new Lysander too. I haven't decided on that yet) Oh yeah! I have a Land Raider to repaint as well. Still lots of work left. Perhaps I'll post a "finished so far" pic. We'll see.

I forgot; I still have a bike squad left to paint as well

Does anyone know if Picassa will work in this field? It's a free photo editing program for windows.
I have not heard of this but I would like very much to know more about it. Thanks.

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