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Originally Posted by Galahad View Post

Though I skipped the cav ones (at least for now) They seem pretty obvious
Good call, I only kept it as someone else suggested it

Here are the others...

FC Full Command (p80-81, WFB 7th) - this is almost always written as FC not FCG.
SH Silver Helms (p96, Armybook: High Elves)
WE Witch Elves (p50, Armybook: Dark Elves)
HLR Hochland Long Rifle (p47, Armybook: Empire)
AL Archlector (p53, Armybook: Empire)
TGM Templar Grand Master (p40, Armybook: Empire)
LB Long Beards (p32, Armybook: Dwarfs)
HG Handguns (p57, WFB 7th)
IoN Invocation of Nehek (p38, Armybook: Vampire Counts)
ItP Immune to Psychology (p53, WFB 7th)
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