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* HtH Hand to Hand (p32-46, WFB 7th) - same as CC
* Hvy Cav Heavy Cavalry (p7, WFB 7th) - no special rules just a term, reference is just basic cavalry ref.
* Lt Cav Light Cavalry (p7, WFB 7th) - as above
* lvl Wizard Level (p105, WFB 7th)
* MSU Many Small Units - Taking lots of minimum size units rather than a few big ones.
* BT Bolt Thrower (p90, WFB 7th)
* AHW Additional Hand Weapon (p56, WFB 7th)
* ASF Always Strikes First (p94, WFB 7th)
* KB Killing Blow (p95, WFB 7th)

Originally Posted by Galahad View Post
I still need page numbers for the Armour, and for the big list Jezlad coughed up.
Just put page 30 for armour and shields. I will try and do a few more when I get chance, at the moment I am busy fixing my hard drive that just gave up the ghost. Do you have any listed that need page numbers?

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