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Originally Posted by newt_e View Post
For units, for example, those need a reference to the appropriate army book. Do you want a page reference for the description, or one for the page where the points and options are?
Sorry I missed it the last time this thread was updated

For the record, please give me both pages, when applicable. To use a 40k example, Nobz (p33, p98 C:Orks)

Thanks guys, I'll try and get these all plugged in sometime tonight

By the way, if possible please submit your entries in the same format Squeek did, it makes my life so much easier (though without the : if possible)
For example:

WS Weapon Skill (p4, WFB 7th)
That's ideal. I can C&P without having to modify or retype anything, so it'll come out like this... WS

And can anyone give me page references for the ones Othiem submitted?
Thanks guys!

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