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Thanks everyone! Means a lot. Makes me want to make more 40k costumes in the future.
Maybe I'd do a Repentia for fun, besides the more serious costumes.
Doesn't seem very difficult, and I've still got lots of red fabric left.

Insane: Meltagun is made with the same material as the armour bits, just different painting technique.

If I weren't stuck studying for my current degree I would study arts.
Always wanted to, but never had the chance, not even in high school, or primary for that matter.
I'd love to work with Fiberglass and metal someday, but I don't have the funds nor the space or tools for it,
so I make do as best as I can with the resources I have.

Magician: good luck with that! sounds like a time-consuming project,
but if you're patient with it and do your research, I'm sure it'll turn out great.
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