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Originally Posted by Hidemons View Post
What's going on in that third picture? Was this whole costume thing part of something you were supposed to do?
In the third picture I'm on stage in London, it's from the costume competition I entered and won.

Thanks for all the lovely comments! And don't be jealous, anyone could make a WH40k costume if they really wanted to. If you've never done anything like it before, you'll just need a little more time.
Besides, we need more 40k costumes! I've only seen a few so far.

Oh, and I've had plenty of female 40k players compliment me for this outfit. I've no doubt there are girls on the internet, as well as girls playing 40k.
Though really, wth does it matter whether there are more girls than guys entertaining this hobby, it's not like 40k is just a cover-up for a mating ritual. If you love the game, you won't give a sh*t.
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