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Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad what I'm showing is interesting to those who might be outside of the factions I'm focusing on right now. Here's hoping I can expand to something you collect sometime in the future.

∙ Hobby-OCD appeased… It's not a massive change but I'm glad I raised the barrels to align them with the round cut in the sloped front armour. The fit just feels more deliberate now.

I also adjusted the details on the barrel a bit to get the match really close to the Stubber under the Neutron Laser and then a quick mirror to make parts for the left and right, because yeah, I’m keeping all three Stubbers. Still lots of little bits to attach, but the custom stuff is done and they're in the home stretch before they get hit with some primer.

Ok, bed ways is right ways now. I have no idea what my next update will be, or when. We'll see what I get up to…

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