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Oooo, a cookie!

*Subtle munches away on the tasty cookie*

Not often, but every once-and-awhile something fits just right the first time…

∙ I think the barrels are just a little too low but the bit fits the spot perfectly. If I was someone else it would be good enough but it needs one round of adjustments.

I want to try another iteration with the barrel adjusted up a bit to center it in the round of the cut in the sloped armour. It just seems off that the round element of the model doesn’t line up with the round barrel of the bit; it lacks a certain logic that my poor hobby-OCD can’t ignore. But, with that minor quibble aside, oh my…

∙ … what have I done? Now I’m rather tempted to put twin Heavy Stubbers on the Onagers, because, look at it. Mmmmm… Stubbers.

If I had of known I was going to do this I could have left the Stubber off of the Neutron Laser and just put an antenna detail there, or something. Damn it, why do I do this to myself?! I can’t keep changing things all the time, but… *sigh* Opinions and/or input?

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