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∙ Iím still having a few issues printing these bits but hereís the Linked Bolter and Melta looking really solid.

Unfortunately, the Flamer simply didnít print. When it does work (and the success ratio is high) the results are so good that Iím certain that I just need to tweak the print setting and/or be selective where in the build area I place small objects like this. Itís hard to tell if itís the new resin or the fact that these parts are quite small so they only have a small profile for each layer when theyíre printing. Or maybe itís a bit of both.

∙ Not exactly the best angle to showcase the model as a whole (he looks a little stiff here) hereís a shot of the Plasma in-situ.

There are a few minor issues I want to give one final tweak to and I want to experiment a bit more with placement and orientation when Iím printing; not all spots on the printing bed are equal and the angle/orientation that an object is printed at can have a surprisingly large impact on the final outcome. I think the results speak to the fact that Iíve got the hang of it, but now I want to make sure Iím getting the best possible results. Theyíre small bits with some fiddly details, so theyíre a good candidate for me to really understand how to work with this new resin.

*Subtle squeals like a schoolgirl*

Holy crap, I made that! I can hold it in my grubby little fingers and actually see and touch an idea made solid. UV light and freaking goo combined with computers and a dash of hobby-OCD. Science is amazing!!

Sorry, Iím having one of myÖ moments.

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