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Originally Posted by Old Man78 View Post
Love your work, personally I think the guns on the robots are a little too big but the sculpts themselves are great
Thanks. My first plan was to try and slim/shrink down the arms because the base kit has lower-arms that seem far too bulky, especially with just the single barrel and small ammo magazine. But, I also wanted to mimic the Phosphor Blaster barrel of the shoulder mounted weapon to better tie it into the rest of the model, and to do it faithfully in the tri-barrel configuration I wanted, it forced the arm to be this large. After trying to slim them down as much as I could (and shortening them up too) I just couldn't shave any more off without thinning some of the walls too much; they're slightly leaner than the originals, but nothing dramatic. Ultimately, considering the original model, I'm just embracing it that they're designed with heavy primal ape-like forearms that hang low. I think it's a fair tradeoff for the overall improvement it makes to the kit, in my opinion.

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