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∙ Redesigned and fresh from Servitor Solus the new Chaincannon components are almost readyÖ as long as I donít make silly mistakes. But damn, do I love this new resin!

In the top-right corner, you can see where I overlooked adding supports to some of the points on the four-barrel design. Simple enough to fix, but also an obvious mistake I should do better to avoid. Beyond that little oversight, theyíre looking wonderful. No, I need to figure out where Iím going to attach the vent and how Iíll make the mould. Itís one thing to get a good test print, but then I need a proper production copy so I can make moulds. Soon, very soon.

Theyíre rather straightforward bits but they actually taught me a new 3D modelling trick I can use to make parts that Servitor Solus will have an easier time reproducing. In certain spots where there might be an edge with a 90į overhang that would require a support to print properly (and supports are a necessary evil that Iím always trying to minimize) if I can draft the surface (draft = add a slight tilt/slope/angle) from 10į to 15į degrees Solus can produce it without any need of a support. In many cases, the added draft is so subtle and/or just looks like an intended part of the design that thereís no reason not to do it beyond the fact that it does take a bit more work to add it in some spots.

I also tried to print the updated Combi-weapons along with these, but of the 8 parts I tried to print only 2 turned out, and theyíre both the base Bolters so none of the actual Combi-weapons turned out. So I removed the Chaincannon barrels from the layout and tried againÖ and after 2+ hours of printing, I discovered that all of the parts failed to print. So, Iím discovering that while the new grey Art resin produces excellent results itís just a bit more temperamental to get it to cooperate. If the print takes proper hold it works wonderfully but those first few critical layers seem to have a bit of a technique to ensure they take properly and Iím still zeroing in on it.

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