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∙ Iím sorry that I keep posting similar images of the Kastelan Ďbots, but the new 3D printing resin combined with this design really have me smitten over the last few days.

I took a bit of the time to make a ball-joint for the shoulder mounted Phosphor Blaster. The clunky rectangular one was a strange aspect of the kit that seemed really lazy and it was really easy to replace. After a bit more testing and the feedback Iíve also modeled three lengths/radius ammo feeds for the arm Blasters to help facilitate the fit. I tried once again to heat-bend one of the 3D prints and it simply wonít have anything to do with it, bending at first, but inevitably snapping. Once Iíve got the moulds made Iím sure itíll get sorted out with polyurethane casts. This kit was more involved but Iím so pleased with the results and the further proof-of-concept for a few things I was testing here (like the ammo feeds) that Iím glad I took the time to work the kinks out and take the design all the way to replacing the whole arm.

Ok, bed ways is right ways. Stay tuned for further updates in the somewhat near future.

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