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Hello all,

I've got myself to a stage where things are finished! Settled on a final basing scheme and sealing.
Currently going with vallego varnish followed by matt spray. Gems and warp "ooze" then picke dout more in gloss.

Full pics to follow, but for now a taste!

Maulerfiend pics: (before glossing warp river on the base)

IMG-20190512-WA0001 by Kenneth Hunter, on Flickr

IMG-20190512-WA0004 by Kenneth Hunter, on Flickr

IMG-20190512-WA0006 by Kenneth Hunter, on Flickr

Heldrake base with gloss on the ooze.

IMG_20190513_182934 by Kenneth Hunter, on Flickr

Pics of the rest to follow. Also a tutorial on making your own foam trays and carry case to follow as well.

Till next time!

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