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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Looking good as always, sir!

I enjoyed your analysis of the new chaos models. I haven't picked any up yet because of the *cough* backlog I'm still working through. I thought they looked great but you discussed some of my concerns, such as the restriction of poses and bits.

I find the interesting trade off is completeness of the sculptor's vision against customizability. In early monopose metal figures, they had far more character, down to the minute details compared to later multipart models. That's even true when thinking of the new computer designed guys. They have more character than the one-size fits all models.

I'm hopeful that the new guys are a balance between those extremes.

And hey, that's why there's a market for your style of add-ons!
While I wish the new kits from GW had more modularity, options in posing, and interchangeability of components, I'm willing to accept the current range of kits and the design philosophy that's going into them. I still think they could accommodate modularity a bit more, but if they're going to offer the amazing quality and a large enough variety in the large squad kits it helps to compensate for the more static posing options. With the detail level where it is, combined with them being made from styrene so they're easy to convert, I'm willing to make it work. After building over 50 Skitarii using the same base ten models, the group of them still don't feel repetitive thanks to them having 10 unique models and lots of detail to help distract. Is there still some frustrating repetition? Yeah, but it mostly gets lost in the variety and quality of the newer kits from GW.

I get why they've done this; they can genuinely make more interesting poses and tighter details in models if they take away some of the flexibility in the assembly. It's a compromise and a calculated balancing act that right now I think they're pulling off because of the aforementioned quality. None of this is any excuse for GW shenanigans of odd omissions and/or limitations in the bits selections in their kits. While I do see the irony in that it does make more room for people like me to fill the gaps, but I really wish GW would not be quite so overt about it, like with the new Chaincannon, which there should have been two of in the new Havoc kit, even if it meant removing one of the other weapons, like say... a Heavy Bolter, perhaps?

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