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Default BIG FAQ April 2019

Okay, it's called the WARHAMMER 40,000 Update April 2019 now, same difference. Grab your copy from the link and tell me what you think.

First thought, aside from the usual "people were doing that?!?" is that the Imperial Knights got a deserved hit from the nerf-bat. Not sure how the total picture will look for them, but limiting Rotate Ion Shields to a max of 4++ seems decidedly sane as the bigger Knights running Ion Bulwark are an utter pain to remove from play (and the Questor Mechanicus 'What's a Damage Bracket?' Stratagem does not make them any easier to deal with) and I doubt anyone's going to argue with the Castellan point increase.

Pointy-eared soup's been nerfed as well, though Imperial soup seems mostly left alone - granted, it mostly involved Knights Castellans ANYWAY so they might want to see how thpse changes shake out first.

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