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Default Trick #2.2

Edaris & Gurth
My is the revenge said the Emperor

We will fight in every valley,
in every street, in every oasis,
and every town.
We won't surrender again;
we are not weak;
we will keep fighting!(M.G)

Galba, commissar of Imperial Guard, was sent by Lord Inquisitor Valerius to the argri-world of Braxii in search of a class B psyker. There was no infrastructure down there, starship landed in spaces deemed adequate and safe (safe for the sarship not for the enviroment of corse). Four imperial guards and the Castigator Tomjk accompanied him. Just arrived to Braxii Galba turned to an links officer of Navis Nobilite. She did not initially consider him, but seeing his insistence she spoke to him saying: «I have no time for you!» He shot her.
Find the right way they reached a small village where the B+ most likely it had passed. Galba got information from the Chapelian Palmen who show an attitude irreverent and aloof. He answer laconic and bother, without giving any indication. Galba shot him.

The lion does not care about a monkey laughing at him from a tree. (S.H.)

Using a psyker device Galba detected the presence of the B, defining more or less the position in some building on the south-western outskirts of the small village. When he reached at an barn his mind had a kind of jolt. Decided to enter not using a customary route: door or window ... and found on one side of the east wall some partly broken boards that were partly dislocated, so an gap opened there with great caution entering in the barn where saw a woman and a girl crying and hugging, turned back stay the B! Taking advantage of the possibility of not being noticed Galba after lurking shot and hitting the two females. B almost did not turn around, things outside letting the barn door slam shut. It was immediately evident that the family of B were a psyker trick, a hologram, an imaginary puppet.

Who like all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun
But he don't know what it means
Don't know what it means
(Bloom) N

B+ on a landspeeder moves away towards the countryside in west direction. Galba and his crew wasted no time, staying in visual contact and monitoring the position of with the appropriate devices. They saw him enter a small isolated manor. Castigator Tomjk suggested to torn down that the building. Galba with moderation managed to get information and thanks also a one large sum learned about of four underground ways. He chose to follow the west direction way which led to brown hills. So quickly arrived there, finde the underground exit and follow the signs again identified the position of B+. An entire division appeared deployed before them, with the presence of some Titans.
«This, frankly, too much!» having said this Galba, with the look on the psyker reporting device, fired some shots with precision. Division dissipated as the awakening from a nightmare. B stay on the ground semi-unconscious blatantly injured but not life threatening.

And held you in my bloody hands
These rattled bones and rubber bands
Washed them in the muddy water
Looking for a dime and found a quarter.
(Something from nothing) FF

After approaching cautiously, Galba read out why he was being prosecuted by the Empire. « Wanted in the galaxy and in nine worlds for subversion, insubordination, murder, illegal use of psyker powers, instigation and use of violence…». Having said that he hanged him. Taken biological sample as prescribed, made burn the body.

I don't take prisoners

They then return to the place of the rendez-vous to be embarked on starships “Poissenxiax”. When where out of the agri-world atmosphere Galba rapported to Lord Inquisitor Valerius in astropathic way. And the he answer was:
«I await your return for new assignment»

And I'm not scared
Light my candles in a daze
'Cause I've found god
(Lithium) N

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