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Right, so I promised to show a few more examples of my recent work. Seeing as we have a buttload of awesome Chaos models on the way, it seems fitting that I show my take on the Worldclaimer and his posse, that I converted and painted up recently.

Now, I admit that I didn't like the rules for the Worldclaimer. I loved the model, but there are some many wrongs with the rules to the model. So I decided to make use of the model and convert him into a Jumplord with a combi-plasma instead, so he has more flexibility and buffs more units than just melee-raptors. I also changed his shoulder, so he is a part of the Word Bearers legion - You know, my legion.

I got to try out some new techniques with the glow effects, as I wanted to try and achieve it without the use of an airbrush. After doing some research, I went at it and got this result.

Now a Lord needs a posse as well. I've long waited for an excuse to paint Warptalons and this was the perfect excuse to finally get some. Using the same methodology on these that I did on the lord, they came out with a good gritty and dirty feel, that I was very satisfied with.

Right now, I'm working on repainting my 3 Helbrutes, that I used to make my tutorial back in the day, here on Heresy-Online. Then I should be ready for the Shadowspear box - Boy oh boy, am I looking forward to that one!

I hope you like the direction of the army and, as always, I'd love your input.
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