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Thanks for the replies! I'm thinking of keeping having maybe 10-20 lessers, at least to start with, for budgetary reasons, so Cairn Wraiths might be a bit much Perhaps a Chainrasp host, skeletons or something like that could serve my lesser daemon needs?

What would they best work to count as though? Is there any particular unit that suits this thematic vein? Tzeench seems the most fluff-favoured, but Pink Horrors don't really fit the style. Daemonettes fit little better statwise, but does necromancy really suit Slaanesh? Are there any other daemons units I'm forgetting? Ideally fast, melee focussed types.

The idea of Chaos Spawn Spirit Hosts I like quite a lot, though I was also thinking screamers accompanied by a Fluxmaster to make a viable detachment. (Not sure what model to use there, maybe Lord Executioner model?)

As for greater daemons, I quite like the idea of the Sauron the Necromancer model or Lady Olinder, appropriately chaosed up with a few symbols here and there.

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