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My first box of minis arrived today. I'll be off tomorrow to get some glue and a file so I can get rid of that blade from the end of their guns (not sure why Robots need blades, if your opponent is soft and fleshy enough to stab just punch through it with your metal robot fist right?)

I've made a few changes to my initial 1000 points list, going to get some deathmarks in there too (I like how they can just drop onto the board after the game has started and being able to target a character is a nice bonus)

I did look at the start collecting box but if I don't pace myself with buying models I know I'll rush the lot and they will look even worse than they are going to already :D At least this way I can buy a unit at a time, get them looking good and then buying the next thing on the list.

Anyway, I'll post an update again when I get these fellas sorted

- F.W

I was also going to keep a tally of my spending here too

so far it's $83NZD for the Codex and $46NZD for the warriors
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