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Default Ghost themed Chaos help

Hey all,

I'm that insufferable sort that just has to be a little different when it comes to models and I wanted to get a few daemons to go alongside my CSM, but I really liked the idea of having a sorcerer who summons up a hoard of the undead.

Whilst the Nurgle zombie classic is cool and all, I got sort of inspired by the idea of a sorcerer bringing forth a screaming, ethereal tide of baleful spirits to fall upon his enemies. Consequently, I was wondering if it was a viable concept and how best to realise this idea, in model choices, in fluff and in terms of units and rules.

As far as models go, I did eye up Nighthaunt Spirit Hosts and LoTR Dead army units, but I don't really know all that much about Chaos Daemons or, indeed the world of ghost-looking models.

I'm also perfectly down to use green stuff and other conversion gear, if there are unite that are halfway there, but need a little bit of fiddling.

Hope I did all this in the right spot, I'm a little rusty on forums,



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