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Default Starting Out With WH40K

Well, I've just made my very first hobby purchase. After lots of thinking and mind changing I've settled on collecting Necrons. I know they aren't all that flash but the reanimation protocols got me sucked in good :D

I've got the Necrons Codex before I get anything else so I can a) learn the lore, b) find out what paints I'm likely to need and c) come up with an army list to work out what models to buy first

I know the points values have changed for a few things with the new chapter approved but as it stands my idea for my first 1000 points are

Overlord with Ressurection Orb
3 x 20 Necron Warriors
6, 6 & 5 Scarabs

which I believe under the new points values comes to exactly 1000

I know it's a super boring list and probably won't result in many (if any) wins but I thought it would be good for learning the rules and learning to paint.

So I'll stop there for now, I've just ordered my first box of Warriors and am currently checking out painting tutorials to see what paints I'm going to need for a Nephrekh Dynasty paint scheme

Until next time

- F.W
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