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Default Army Painting Competition interest check.

Friends, nerds, heretics, lend me your ears! The forum competitions, have been offline for a while, and after the Christmas present giving, I have been gifted some nice new plastic crack and need an excuse to motivate myself to paint it. So I was wondering if anyone would fancy resurrecting the Army Painting Competition and take part in it? The prize will be the usual, the kudos of your fellows, completed miniatures and PRIDE!

If anyone is interested just give a yay or nay on this thread, it is a bit of crack and a good motivational boost. There will be a few minor tweaks to the rules of the previous competition nothing unusual, just making it easier to get involved. The competition (numbers depending) will run from February-November 2019, so plenty of time to prep some minis and think it over. Thanks in advance Old Man xoxox

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