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Day 17:

Hamilcar Bear-Eater, Lord-Castellan of the Astral Templars Stormhost, was warned not to venture into the twisted shadeglass labyrinth of Shadespire. Naturally, he headed there right away, because no one tells Hamilcar what he can't do… Now he's trapped, lost, alone, and haunted – both by the ghosts that inhabit the City of Mirrors and by the spectres of his own past, doubts and fears. Can he overcome these obstacles and escape to fight again? Probably – he is Hamilcar, mightiest of all the Stormcast Eternals, after all!

Day 18: Expectatio

When the underhive bounty hunter Arturos delivers a renegade Goliath to the Guilder Meriko, he expects his payment of 60 credits for the capture. But Meriko has taken out more bounties than he can afford, and payment isn't forthcoming… Luckily for him, among the junk in his shop is a treasure that's worth Arturos' time and effort. A Spiraptor, a mechanical bodyguard programmed to protect a wealthy individual, it sends Arturos on a quest that could make his fortune – or claim his life.

I really have to get through my shame-pile so I can buy the new books. I rarely have the time for any of them. -.-'

Day 19: Black Atonement

The town of Shadowvel in the Realm of Shyish lies outwith the domains of Neferata, Mortarch of Blood – but that does not make its inhabitants safe from her displeasure… Shadowvel has stood for centuries against all the hordes of Chaos thrown against it. But Neferata would see it fall, and the Maggotkin hordes of the Children of the Bell are the perfect weapon to wield against the spirits of Shadowvel. And none are better at manipulating a foe than Neferata…

Day 20: Purity is a Lie

Of all the explorers in the Blackstone Fortress, few are as feared by those who have made Precipice a home as Taddeus the Purifier. Though the Ecclesiarchy priest disdains all those around him who would plunder the fortress for profit or power, he knows they are of use – for the visions sent to him by the Emperor are all that matters. Accompanying Rogue Trader Janus Draik in search of a hidden vault will put Taddeus' beliefs to the test, as danger looms.

Ooh more goodnesses!
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