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Day 10: A Dirge of Dust and Steel

Lord-Aquilor Sathphren Swiftblade and his Vanguard Chamber warriors from the Hallowed Knights have ventured into the wilds of Shyish, the dread Realm of Death. Their goal? To resurrect an old alliance between Azyr and the duardin who dwell in these forgotten lands. But if they are to reforge long-sundered bonds of brotherhood, Swiftblade and his warriors must first defeat a mighty daemon of Chaos known only as the Soulflayer.

Not interested!

Day 11: The Deserter

In the underhive of Necromunda, the only law that really matters is that might is right and unless you can defend what's yours, someone else will claim it. That's what happened to Corenne. When the Thunder Knuckle Posse came, they took control of the Sweet Drop Still, sending her family packing. Now, she wants it back, and a chance encounter with a ragged old man known only as "The Deserter" who claims to have fought in the armies of the vaunted Lord Solar might just be her salvation – or at least revenge.

An audio drama written by Justin D Hill.

Running time 27 minutes. Performed by Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth, Carla Medonca & Jo Woodcock.

I have thought about getting into the Necromunda stories so I will put this on my to-read-list.

Day 12: The Last Council

As the Great Crusade came to a close, the power that had been vested in the Emperor and his War Council, made up of primarchs and generals, was transferred to civilian authorities – the great Council of Terra. Now, as the Warmaster and his armies approach the Throneworld, it is time for that council to be dissolved and the warriors to once again take command as the eve of battle looms. But no one gives up power easily, and even an assemblage of three primarchs may find trouble waiting…

As the previous HH-short, I will wait for the anthology, but this might be of interest to read soon.

Day 14: Gotrek: One, Untended

When a child goes missing from Hammerhal Ghyra, Gotrek Gurnisson, recovering from an epic drinking binge (and some nasty poisoning) volunteers to enter the nearby catacombs and find him – especially since his mother claims he was taken by a ghost. Venturing into the darkness with his reluctant aelven companion Maleneth. But even the vaunted Stormcast Eternals were unable to cleanse this labyrinth of the taint that infects it, and what awaits the adventurers below will test them to their limits.

Day 15: The Battle of Blackthunder Mesa

On the T'au Empire sept world of Dal'yth, the warriors of the Fire Caste fight a losing battle against the human Imperium. With the gue'la, as the t'au call them, willing to throw seemingly endless manpower into the meatgrinder of war, the Greater Good has no solution. But Commander Farsight might… In the training facility of Dal'ryu, an experimental weapon heralds a new way of war, championed by Farsight – and with a force of Imperial tanks closing on the facility, Commander Bravestorm may just have to use this "Onager Gauntlet" if he is to claim victory.

Day 16: The Atonement of Fire

Imperium Secundus is over. A vision granted to Sanguinius shows that the Emperor is alive, and so the Triumvirate of primarchs who formed the breakaway empire have taken to their fleets and intend to make the traitors pay for their heresy. But in his heart, Roboute Guilliman, architect of Imperium Secundus, feels as much a traitor as any of them – and he seeks to atone for his sin by throwing himself at enemies. When a force of World Eaters threaten a world that embodies the Imperium's ideals, he finds the perfect target…

Annandale haven't unfortunately written anything that has blown my mind. His Guilliman-novella was alright but nothing but bolter-porn. Ruinstorm was very short and didn't dwell much into the interaction between 3 awesome Legions and Primarchs. I'll see what this has to offer.

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