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Day 6: Horus Heresy: Abyssal

On one of the feared Black Ships, Aveth Vairon, a humble Administratum scribe cowers in a cell. Imprisoned by the Silent Sisters, cowed by their mind-numbing aura and terrified by their situation, he nevertheless feels hope. For Aveth was guided to where he is now by a greater power. For years, he has followed a twisting rune in his mind, guiding him to this moment… and to another prisoner, a faceless woman of great power who he knows will put him on the path to his destiny. But as the Black Ship comes under attack, will that destiny come to pass, or be thwarted by the whims of fate?

Always up for more HH even if it's Annandale who has written it (so far he haven't impressed me), but I will wait for the upcoming anthology it will feature in.

Day 7: Acts of Sacrifice

In the chapel of the Order of the Ardent Star, Sir Aenea prays to the warrior goddess Myrmidia for guidance. And with an army of rampaging Khornate warriors outside, she has never needed her deity's guidance more. Her master is dead at the hands of the Chaos warleader, her comrades brought low by the seemingly unstoppable champion of the Blood God. With fewer than a hundred of their number left, the only hope for survival lies in a desperate sally forth from their fortress, seeking the indomitable redoubt of the distant Drakenount.

Not interested!

Day 8: Son of Sorrow

Koleg is a killer. A stone-cold slaughterer, he puts his terrifying talents to use in the service of mankind, exercising his murderous abilities on behalf of Inquisitor Covenant. But what past darkness, what horrific deeds, can lead a man to become such a creature and devote his life to dealing death? As he prepares for a new mission, Koleg remembers his past and the events that brought him to where he is now…

I still haven't forgiven French for his atrocious Ahriman-trilogy. But I will eventually give the Horusian Wars a chance some time.

Day 9: A Lesson in Iron

At the height of the Great Crusade, the Fist of Iron, the mighty flagship of the Iron Hands Space Marine Legion, pursues an ork cruiser into the pull of a dangerous warp rift. A rare phenomenon, little is known about the rift, but Ferrus Manus, who commands the powerful warship, is about to learn more than he wishes as something emerges from the rift. Something impossible. An Iron Hands warship that seems to be from the future…

After having read Ferrus Manus, I was highly disappointed with the characterization. David Guymer failed completely to give us a story about Manus and his Legion, but instead gave a pretty okay EC-storyline. This makes me doubtful of this. I do not like the frontcover. Why is he in the MK. VII-armour? But yeah thats nitpicking.
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