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Default Black Librarys 2018 Advent Calendar!

Day 1: Old Wounds, New Scars

As the Imperium prepares for the final great battle of the Horus Heresy, all sorts of heroes make the perilous journey to Terra, some to defend the Throneworld and some to cast it down. Among them is Alivia Sureka, a mysterious Perpetual who turned her back on the world long ago. Called back to the planet of her birth, guided by some force she barely understands, and plagued by memories of her long life and premonitions of the horrors to come, she must guide the ship on which she travels safely into the Solar system – for more than just the lives of those on board depend on it…

I enjoyed the Alivia Sureka-character so I might get this one later on.

Day 2: Blood Gold


Before the Gate of Endless Defiance, entry to the Vostargi Mont, ancestral home of the Zharrthagi Fyreslayers clan, stands the clan's Runefather. Behind him are arrayed an army of his kin, determined to defend the sanctity of their lodge, even as they have done for uncounted centuries. Yet the foe they face is one like no other they have encountered in their long history – and the key to what happens next may lie in a told long told by their people, a tale of how they became the warriors they are today. This is that tale.

Not interested.

Day 3: Fire and Thunder

Severina Raine and the 11th Antari Rifles battle in the labyrinthine streets of Balfar, beneath the twin stars known as the Eyes of the Emperor. With the cathedral city of Whend under the control of the Chaos-corrupted Sighted, and the Astra Militarum being pushed back, the situation is desperate. When their fall-back route is destroyed, Raine and her troopers find themselves trapped in the city and desperate to survive – is this the end for them, or can they seize the day and claim victory?

I really want to read Rachel Harrisons stories and see how she fairs as an author.

Day 4: Man of Iron

Of all the explorers in the Blackstone Fortress, the towering robot known only as UR-025 is perhaps the most mysterious… and dangerous. An automatous tool of Magos-Ethericus Nanctos III of Ryza, the machine's true reasons for joining the muster at Precipice and venturing inside the ancient alien labyrinth of the fortress is unknown. When it enters the twisted, ever-changing corridors of the alien construct alongside a force of other explorers from the Adeptus Mechanicus, secrets may come to light… and they are to be feared.

I'm highly anticipating getting into the Blackstone Fortress-stories as well.

Day 5: The Deeper Shade

The shores of Gharn are vibrant with life… apart from one spot, where even the native insects fear to tread. It is there that Thalinoth of Charr ventures, the sorcerer drawn to the mysterious Claw of Mermedus by portents and visions sent by Tzeentch. Something lurks in the waters beneath that benighted spot, something that could provide great power to Thalinoth and his warband… or spell their doom.

Not interested.
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