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Default Not new, just getting back from a hiatus


I started playing 40k in May 2009 and I played for several years. Most of the games I played were at friends houses or in local hobby shops and I played in and won several local tournaments. Life became hectic though and I stopped playing. I recently moved to the Phoenix Area and I'm looking to pick up some old hobbies and this is one I'd love to pick up again. I have 2 complete armies (Space Marines and Nids) and a third that is "in progress" (World Eaters). If I remember correctly I had close to 10,000 points in Space Marines, 8,000 points in Nids, and about 4,000 in World Eaters. I'm not looking to invest in new armies, maybe beef up the World Eaters a little bit. Just about the only money I want to pour into the game at this point are for the rules book and codices for my armies. What are the big changes I can expect from 5e to the current edition (8 if I'm correct)?

Also, does anyone recommend any local game shops in the Phoenix area? I know there is at least one GW store in the area, but I prefer local game shops.

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