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Calgar model looks fine to me, the armour is an interesting blend of both current models. The pose is a bit static though. His Honour Guard looks great.

The Genestealer Cult is probably the star of the show for me, those are some very nice models.

Then there's Wrath and Rapture. Khorne's Best Boy looks good, the harp as well but the player... I'm just not really a fan of the current Daemonette look. Compared to the Juan Diaz version the uglification and strictly enforced PG-13 rating is... not an improvement, and it actually gets worse when they're next to the new Fiend.

Last but not least there's the Warbringer Titan, which is just... overcompensating for something. ;) No idea how that giant artillery piece is supposed to work around Newton's third. Probably not my Titan of choice if I ever have too much money.

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