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Damn, posting can be such a mixed blessing. Iím always hungry for input, but sometimes the internet gives input that just causes a feedback loop in my own overthinking. Now Iím rethinking the anti-grav Rhino concept. Iím not going to scrap it by any stretch, but I think I want to reconsider some elements now. Jeez, thanks internet! With your forcing me to seek excellence. *gives a snooty face* FineÖ *wanders off muttering* Ö Iíll make it even betterÖ

But seriously, thanks for the comments and feedback. Like I always say, I canít do every suggestion but it all gets considered and it all adds to the final results.

The casting masters are pretty much finished for the next round of kits, but a few small parts might need a reprint for quality control.

Two litres of the new high-resolution grey resin that the makers of Solus were working on is on the way in the next few weeks. It should arrive just in time, as Iím almost out of my first litre of the red resin Iíve been using up to this point. Getting Solus dialled in and learning how to get acceptable results consumed quite a bit of my first batch of printing resin, so I expect this next batch to go much further towards making actual casting masters for production parts. Itís also going to be much easier to work with and photograph since the red simply washes all the detail out; sometimes it makes it possible to overlook minor flaws that I clean up in preparation for mould making, and thatís never good.

Hereís a close up of the Predator all dressed up with nowhere to go, as it were. Iím very pleased with how well itís all coming together.

Iíve quickly remembered that I donít have an unmodified Predator in the studio; the original armour kit required changes to the turret and sponsons so it looks like I should get my hands on a new Predator sprew so I can showcase future kits properly. Itíll finally give me a reason to assemble and paint the current kit for a third predator in my Black Legion collection, so itís not like itís a bad thing. And with rumours of some more Chaos releases in the coming year, I guess the timing isnít too bad really.

Mould making is ongoing so expect to start seeing the first casts for these kits showing up reasonably soon. Once Iím happy with the results of this first set of armour then Iíll get the Imperial friendly Mk.2 into production. With the feedback and input that came back when I showed the concept 3D models Iíve got a few ideas I want to try on the mutated Mk.3 concept, so that series is going back to the design table, but the Mk.4 should be easy enough to have followed up after the Mk.1 and Mk.2 are in production. Some other version of tracks will also start showing up once Iím happy with the results of this first set. Iím also itching to try some enclosed sponsons and perhaps some exotic weapons systems for the Predator chassis, but if I do that itís very tempting to do a custom turret as well. I better be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole with the Rhino/Predator chassis, since I need to turn my attention to the Land Raider and Storm RavenÖ and Knights, donít even get me started on KnightsÖ so many wonderful opportunities! *shakes his head* Focus! All in due time.

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