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I have returned after a few moons.

Much change has occurred in this time i find myself turning to the Eldar for salvation.
(Mostly only had access to my Eldar for the last year so I've painted them)

I shall return to regular updates Hopefully once im back in stable employment but for now you will have to survive / put up with occasional army updates.

Again i will try to do some more close up images of specific units and keep updated as i drag my way through the old school world of eldar collecting

So here is what i have achieved in the last year.

First up we have the Prism tanks and vypers

The left most tank was my first attempt after that ive worked on improving my blending technique.
The turret on the right is an objective marker that was on a tank off ebay. Unfortunatly the turret was melted slightly so it was no good
And the 2 vypers missing their wind screens

Pulling Back we have the Jetbike swarm

missing only 2 jetbikes to make a full 3 squads

Panning to the right a bit we have the Swooping hawks, The wraith lords, and war walkers

Need some wings for the 3rd edition swooping Hawks but have a full squad of first editions.
int the Background the two second edition wraithlords are lead by a rogue trader "Warbot / Vampire Class Spirit Warrior" (Dunno the correct term as i cant tell from online)
And then we have the three old war walkers 2 rogue trader and 1 2nd edition

Lets move onto the hq and guards

We have the a collection of the old farseer and warlocks, to the right we have Asurmen (missing his banner )
behind them we have the 8 metal wraithguard (5 more to be painted to be added to it)

Then we have some troops

Here we have the 20 strong eldar Rangers unit. to the left we have the old school d cannon and crew
And then we have 2 of the 4 squads of eldar guardians

Here we have the last few Pics

Items not addressed we have in purple the guardians storm squad which i have yet to find useful
and the large group of striking scorpions

Last up are the works in Progress

We have 2 falcon grav tanks in progress which need thier turrets Finished
3 guardians to finish off the guardian squads just need to paint the arms.

That's it For now Let Me know if you want any close ups on specific models of units ive Glossed over.

Like i said Im going to really try to do more regular updates but it Has been difficult

Its Good to be Back


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