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Default Greetings.


I am an architecture student who currently lives in Constantinople.

My elder brother who is ten years older than me played the tabletops long before I even knew that such things existed and occasionally would tell me about it in occasions which would be years apart from one another to see if I am the correct age to be able to comprehend it and if he could be able to introduce me to it. I think it was eight ago or so, he bought a Tau army pack for my birthday as the glorious and magnificent elder brother he is and thus I started playing the tabletop. But my true in-depth introduction to it occurred to happen a couple of years after that.

Would you happen to remember those neat "Regular Marine" webcomics which Flashgitz used to publish? If so, would you happen to remember how you weren't able to read the comments about the comic itself due to a group of roleplayers who used that very comment section as their roleplaying domain? Well, that is how I was truly introduced to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Of course, I was introduced to the webcomics yet again by my elder brother and quite liked it and started following it weekly. After a couple of weeks, I happened to scroll down a little bit and tried to make something sensible out of the mess that the roleplayers there had created. It intrigued me, I still lacked a whole lot of information about the 40K universe but I was not aware of it at that time, so I dived in and introduced myself to them. They were very welcoming and tirelessly explained the things I've gotten wrong or at least linked me to the correct Lexicanum pages to educate me about the subject.

Then four years ago someone among us decided to move the whole roleplaying to a proper forum and formed the Warhammer Gaming Rejects. There I roleplayed for four years - to correct myself, I tried to roleplay for fours years and failed in many facepalm-worthy ways many times. Though, in the end, I managed to have a good grasp of it through trial and error. Lately (for about a year) it began to be insufficient for me; I could not participate in any settings due to plotlines which had been going on for too long and was quite hard to fit in, nor could I start any plotlines, due to the lack of participation. Now here I am, to sate my appetite if possible.

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