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Default Need advice on hurting knight armies with marines

Friends, table top nerds, heretics, lend me your ears! With the preponderance of knight armies, I'm looking for advice on how to put the hurt on them. Playing the objectives is the obvious way to win a game against them, but with a high likelihood of getting tabled before then, I'm looking for other ways to go.

Getting a L.R Achilles or Typhon siege tank or a couple of Leviathan dreads, I don't think will last long in a 2000 point game, especially with going first being doubtful.

My "thinking" at the moment is drop podding company vets with storm shields and combi meltas and grav devastators either in cover or podding in to kill/cripple a knight or two to reduce the "getting tabled" risk, then run and hide with everything else and try snatch some objectives.

As always your advice is deeply appreciated, hugs and kisses Old Man

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