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Default Potential base

So having seen a few tutorials for crackle bases and lava, bought some black crackle paste and had a play. Decided to change from the lava. Aiming for a world lost in the warp, slowly being ripped apart. In my head they have found a lost eldar library, world lost in the warp and they have just been pillaging for knowledge. Couldn't get it to crackle to show the paint beneath so went with another approach.

IMG_20181028_160501 by Kenneth Hunter, on Flickr

IMG_20181028_160451 by Kenneth Hunter, on Flickr

Contrast seems to have washed out a bit, but hopefully it comes across ok. The model is the test piece I used, not the final ones. When I do the real ones will need to put spacers under their feet so they stand on the crackle, not sunk into the lava-esq bit. Black crust needs some drybrushing, and some more details to be added on the real things.

Larger models will have ruins, heads coming out of the floor/purple bits, etc.

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