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Dear billydbadfurday,

I hope this find you well, as I see your anger has ruffled your feathers. Some have a penchant for writing, others do not.

I noticed at the beginning, when your rage seemed at its highest your article (op) was fragmented and as you progressed it evened out.

Writing is art, sometimes you get lucky- sometimes you don't. When it comes to my hobby, I have good days and bad days. I get a tremor in my hands, not so bad as I become usless, but enough where I can not paint. You could say its more of an anxiety.

Short articles are easier to write themselves, you just need to use math. Wait what has math got to do with writing, this guy must be full of $4!7....

Math, really has nothing to do with it, but the formulaic concept of math is the key; you have your constants- they string together, bringing structure. Then you have your variables;

Variables in any writing are key; who what where when. These are what you research and use to fill the gaps in your writing.

Like math, everything must be in proper order to entice a reader to continue, delving deeper into the intricate painting you have created or if you prefer developed.

Heres a picture of my kitten to brighten your day.

I am that which lurks.

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