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Default Anyone using tarantula sentry guns?

Another rare moment when Old Man "thinks" and decides to share it with people.

I've have been giving deep thought to getting some sentry guns for my vanilla marines, to be precise, getting assault cannon sentry guns and am wondering if anybody else uses them. In theory they look good for pushing back the deep strike range of enemy units and protecting a gunlines while providing reasonably cheap firepower (x3 pumping out 36 S6 shots is not to sniffed at) and cheaper than a scout squad plus they do not suffer tbe targeting restrictions of the H.B varient. Fluff wise a highly elite unit like marines would use such a device for flank protection while they insert, give some heretic the good news and then bug out for tea and biscuits.

Now of course they don't move can't score an objective, but it does lessen your drop count for deployment and they look cool depending on which 3rd part base I get as F.W sell them any more. As always your wisdom in these matters is greatly appreciated, hugs and kisses Old Man.

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