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Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
That has nothing to do with anything I just said. You're just repeating yourself and looking for someone to agree with you.

And I and others said A LOT has changed since then. I even gave you examples.

Nobody is denying that this lore exists. Whether it is still canon is completely open to interpretation. I prefer to think, given the amount of changes to the lore in recent editions, that the shaman origin isn't necessarily canon anymore given what we now know about the connection between humankind and the warp. The Emperor may well be the most powerful human psyker, or he could be one among numerous others, or he could simply be gifted with a level of foresight that most humans simply don't possess.

I've read about low level psykers who can do simple things like read minds or move small objects with their thoughts. And I've read about Omega Level psykers who can forcibly mind control entire cities' worth of imperial citizens. It isn't necessarily the raw power levels that make a psyker what they are, but rather their imagination in regards to using their abilities.

And the Cacodominus could mind control 1,300 systems, and its death scream burned the minds of a billion Astropaths and distorted the signal of the Astronomican.

Well, Prince Endymion denied it. Does that count?

And the Emperor can grant immortality and resurrect the dead as with Living saints such as Celestine and Sabbot, and the Guardians of the Void Dragon. He is no mere psyker.

Dalia felt the heat in Semyon's hands spread into her flesh, a golden radiance that filled her with unimaginable well being. She wanted to cry out in ecstasy as she felt every decaying fibre in her body surge with a new lease of life, every withered cell and every portion of her flesh blooming as a power undreamed of filled her. Her body was reborn, filled with a sliver of the power and knowledge of a world's most singular individual, power and knowledge that had been passed down from Guardian to Guardian over the millennia, a burden and an honour in one unasked for gift. With that knowledge, her anger at the Emperor's deception was swept away as she saw the ultimate, horrifying fate of the human race bereft of his guidance. She saw his single-minded, pitiless drive to steer his entire race along a narrow path of survival only he could see, a life that allowed no love, few friends and an eternity of sacrifice. Dalia wanted to scream, feeling the power threaten to consume her, the awesome ferocity of it almost burning away all the things that made her who she was. She fought to hold onto her identity, but she was the last leaf on a dying tree and she felt her memories and sense of self subsumed into the fate the Emperor had decreed for her. At last the roaring power within her was spent, its work to remould her form complete, and she let out a great, shuddering breath as she realised she was still herself. She was still Dalia Cythera, but so much more as well. Semyon released her hands and stepped away from her with a look of contented release upon his face. 'Goodbye, Dalia,' said Semyon. The adept's skin greyed and his entire body dissolved into a fine golden dust, leaving only his aged robes to fall to the rocky floor. Dalia looked over at the hulking servitor that had accompanied the adept and was not surprised when it also disintegrated into dust.

That quote was from Graham Mcneill's Mechanicum

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