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That has nothing to do with anything I just said. You're just repeating yourself and looking for someone to agree with you.

Originally Posted by Justcause12345# View Post
Th shaman origin is not just old, its from the lore of 1st Edition Rogue Trader. I'm willing to bet Endymion was a younger player.

And I and others said A LOT has changed since then. I even gave you examples.

Originally Posted by Justcause12345# View Post
And I gave permitted links to the book with the shaman origin in my thread post here.

Nobody is denying that this lore exists. Whether it is still canon is completely open to interpretation. I prefer to think, given the amount of changes to the lore in recent editions, that the shaman origin isn't necessarily canon anymore given what we now know about the connection between humankind and the warp. The Emperor may well be the most powerful human psyker, or he could be one among numerous others, or he could simply be gifted with a level of foresight that most humans simply don't possess.

I've read about low level psykers who can do simple things like read minds or move small objects with their thoughts. And I've read about Omega Level psykers who can forcibly mind control entire cities' worth of imperial citizens. It isn't necessarily the raw power levels that make a psyker what they are, but rather their imagination in regards to using their abilities.

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