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Originally Posted by ExaltedUrizen View Post
only the truly divine deny their divinity. Its written thus in countless human cultures. He never denied his godhood when he first came to Colchis to take me into the stars. You were there. He witnessed weeks of celebrations in his honour, never once rebuking me for lauding him as a god. And since then? He has watched me crusade for him, never saying a word about what Ive done. Only now, at Monarchia, did he bring down his wrath.

Excerpt From: Aaron Dembski-Bowden. The First Heretic.

Just because he doesn't want to be a god, it doesn't mean he isn't a god.

The Emperor told Lorgar multiple times not to worship him before Monarchia.

And I know that. I also made a thread posting links (ones that are peritted) to lore from 1st Edition Rogue Trader with the shaman origin. Someone denied the shaman origin was printed and I decided to correct them.
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