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What I Meant By Disappointing: (I wasn't fishing for compliments) :D

I suppose I should explain what I meant by disappointing but something did not look right about the panels on either side of the muzzle and the five exhaust ports between the vertical coils. I researched a lot last night and finally found an image that shows where I went wrong. It is irritating that I did not perceive this earlier; D**n!

Note to Jabba,

I had considered clear rod and tubing for the coils including fluorescent weed whip monofilament but could not find a suitable diameter and clear filament made it look too toylike.

These are the best images I have managed to come up with and presumably they are very current as I don't recall seeing them before. The front view shows the heatsinks (Whatever) are slightly convex on either side of the muzzle and the muzzle itself is exquisitely detailed for my purposes Much better than any previous image.


The rear image shows the five exhaust ports and demonstrates where my error lies. I have mine vertical and the actual ports are inclined toward the rear.


I'm still hoping to find detailed unpainted top and bottom images of both the muzzle area and the rear area aft of the coils; areas sorely neglected in images thus far. I also need a view of the back of the weapon.

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