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I was always going to do a knight to accompany my DG army, but the plan was to leave it until after I finished my loyalists. However, being a converter above all else, the opportunities offered by a chaos aligned knight were too hard to resist. Behold, The Virulent Prince.

I was going to magnetize all the various weapons, but then I stumbled across the Skaven lightning cannon, and the thought struck me that if I used this, I could say it was whatever I wanted it to be at the start of a game.

I then decided to light this bad boy up. The head from Shapeways means I only had to drill one hole through the head, and it's semitransparent enough that I don't have to cut or drill that at all.

Then there's the general nurglifying of the knight.

I'm toying with mounting this little palanquin on top instead of the actual missile pod. A sorcerer casting spells at the enemy to much the same effect as the missiles. Thoughts?

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