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I played a game vs death guard at 1500 points. It was the Relic and Death Guard murdered my infantry for the win lol. The secutarii not benefiting from the forge world Dogmas limits there choices but the still benefit from cantacles. Might have been better off with the Agripinaa to better protect the dominus. Here is the list I used

Mechanicus Knight Lance 1500(1496)

Battalion Admech 555
Tech priest Dominus 115(129)
-Phospher serpenta.
-Eradication Ray.

Techpriest enginseer 47

Skitarii Hoplites 185
20 men
-Alpha w/ data tether

Skitarii Peltasts. 97
10 men
-Alpha w/ omnispex

Skitarii Peltasts. 97
10 men
-Alpha w/ omnispex

Super heavy.
Knight Castellan. 510(593)
-Plasma Decimator.
-Volcano lance.
-2 ShieldBreaker missiles.
-2 Twin Melta guns.
-2 SeigeBreaker.

Armiger Helverin. 174
-Heavy stubber.

Armiger Helverin. 174
-Heavy stubber.
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