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That's gonna be tricky, as CSM Heavy Support tends to run point-heavy. The mininum 3 Obliterators for example are 195 points and that's just not going to fit. Havoc are the cheapest at 65 for a basic squad... until you slap weapons on them, which is really the entire point.

First off, we'll need an HQ, and the cheapest we can find is a Chaos Lord which supports the Havocs nicely with rerolls... however, we can also go with a Chaos Sorceror which offers more versatility (and given Prescience can still buff the Havocs just fine). Give him a sword (cheapest) and stick with the combi-bolter and call it done.

Sticking with the infantry theme and keeping the tank/MC problem in mind... Let's start off with a Havoc Squad. While Autocannons are a hair cheaper and normally the Iron Warrior's bread and butter, we can't quite get to the required numbers to make them truly scary and will probably want Lascannons (or Missile Launchers which trade in a bit of the anti-armour punch for a bit more versatility).

It's an unfortunately expensive start pointwise at a good 165 even without additional ablative wounds. Main problem with this choice is that the GW kit is resin and (IMO) ugly-in-a-bad-way so I'd suggest converting or looking at FW In accordance with good sense we should probably slap the Mark of Slaanesh on this unit (so it can be used for use Endless Cacophony) but it's not necessary.

Since we've only got 231 points left of our 500 allotment, we can spent a max of 166 points on a second HS unit as we need to reserve at least 65 for the third (really cheap Havocs, obviously).

A Vindicator could work, but those draw enough fire even WITHOUT being the only vehicle on the field, so... more Havocs! We can even fit them with more Lascannons/Missile Launchers so we'll have 8 total on the field. Probably a good idea to divide those heavy weapons among the squads fairly so you've got some ablative wounds before you start losing heavy weapons, but... yeah.

Sorceror 104
5 Havocs w/4 Lascannons 165
5 Havocs w/4 Lascannons 165
5 Havocs 65

Or alternatively,
Chaos Lord w/Power Axe 79
5 Havocs w/4 Lascannons 165
5 Havocs w/4 Lascannons 165
5 Havocs w/1 Lascannon 90

Both 499, salt with missile launchers to taste

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