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Default House Taranis & Mars Secutarii 2k

Hey guys here is a 2k House Taranis list I put together. Idea is spend 6 CP’s to give each knight a relic and warlord trait. I haven’t been able to test it yet but I like be some feedback nonetheless.

Mechanicus Knight Lance. 2k(1999)

15 Command Points

Battalion Admech 551
Tech priest Dominus 125
-Volkite Blaster.

Techpriest enginseer 47

Troops. 379
Skitarii Hoplites 185
20 men
-Alpha w/ data tether

Skitarii Peltasts. 97
10 men
-Alpha w/ omnispex

Skitarii Peltasts. 97
10 men
-Alpha w/ omnispex

Super heavy. 1447
Knight Castellan. 593
-Plasma Decimator.
-Volcano lance.
-2 ShieldBreaker missiles.
-2 Twin Melta guns.
-2 SeigeBreaker cannon.
Trait: Ion Bulwark
Relic: Cawl’s Wrath

Knight Warden. 501
-Avenger Gatling cannon.
-heavy flamer.
-2 Heavy stubber.
-Ironstorm missile.
Trait: Cunning Commander
Relic: Endless Fury

Knight Gallant. 354
-thunderstrike fist.
-Reaper chainsword.
-Heavy stubber.
Trait: Knight Seneshal
Relic: Sanctuary
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